About Us


Mansfield Brick and Supply was founded in 1981, when Mike Anderson, a route salesman for the family business Koppes Clay Products Company, convinced his father and uncles to open a yard in Mansfield, Ohio.

Mansfield Brick and Supply started merely with one boom truck as 1981 was a difficult time to start.  The excessive interest rates of 20 – 21% almost killed the building industry.  Fortunately, that didn’t last long and Mansfield Brick and Supply grew along with the economy.

In 1986, George Anderson retired from Koppes Clay.  Upon his retirement he exchanged his stock from Koppes for the entire ownership of Mansfield Brick and Supply.  From that time on, Mansfield Brick and Supply has been entirely owned by George and Mike Anderson.  Good years followed and Mansfield Brick and Supply continued to grow to the point where it definitely outgrew its location at 199 North Main Street.

George and Mike set out to find a lot where they could build a new Office – Showroom – Warehouse complex, preferrably in downtown Mansfield.  In 1994, they purchased five acres of land from the City of Mansfield at 320 North Diamond Street.  After two years of achieving EPA clearance, they began construction on the new building in July 1996, and proudly moved operation to the new location in April 1997.

George Anderson passed away October 22, 1999, after a lengthy battle with cancer.